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HIRC is not a technology company, but needs technology to do its work at scale. 

There is strong alignment between HIRC and Peer Supply to create a neutral, industry-wide, big-tent solution for exchanging data (not owning / re-selling data). We see Peer Supply solving a data liquidity challenge that is core to our vision and does not exist in the market today. While HIRC is aligned with Peer Supply, these are distinct entities and the participation of HIRC and HIRC members in Peer Supply is optional.

DisclosureHIRC has a interest in Peer Supply. Any benefit will further serve our non-profit purpose.

Peer Supply is a new company that is being launched to support the mission of HIRC and our broader community.  In order to scale our resiliency efforts, HIRC and the industry need a technology where the industry can share information in a trusted way.  Like the HIRC, Peer Supply intends to be a “big tent” for the industry.

    In 2021, the HIRC Board approved the Peer Supply partnership to fill a need for technology that

    will enable peer-to-peer exchange of supply chain information. We intend to use Peer Supply as
    a community portal for data and messages. Peer Supply will allow collaborators to publish and
    subscribe via one-to-many publication and subscription platform. Using this system, publishers
    and subscribers have autonomy in every aspect of how they share data and messages.

      None of the data or analysis exchanged in Peer Supply will be created or curated by Peer Supply

      itself. The information will be sourced from industry curators and contributors. Peer Supply will
      provide a single portal for data publication, consumption, and messaging. For suppliers, this
      means streamlined customer service and the ability to be a part of the industry conversation.
      For providers, this means awareness about what’s happening outside your organization and
      collaboration around efficiency and resiliency efforts.

      HIRC members will have the opportunity to use the Peer Supply “terminal” to:

      1. communicate with your network, query external data sets
      2. subscribe to various information sources
      3. see industry analytics

      The opportunities for data sharing “channels” on Peer Supply will grow over time. HIRC’s initial focus will be on backorders and equivalencies.

      First version of Peer Supply is scheduled second half of 2022 for select members of our community. A phased rollout will follow late 2022 with an invitation to all contributors.

      Supply chains directly impact care, cost, revenue, clinician satisfaction, and care team performance. Excellent healthcare requires an excellent supply chain. An excellent supply chain requires excellent data and solving problems as an industry. No matter how good you are at managing your organization’s supply chain, you can’t manage it alone. It requires collaboration with suppliers and other hospitals. The better we are at working together, the better healthcare delivery will be for everyone.

        Peer Supply is a platform for sharing supply chain data & communications in a trusted, peer-to-peer manner. Peer Supply is about creating better supply chains as a community of aligned experts. The problem we aim to address with Peer Supply is the lack of tools and incentives for providers, suppliers and others to share critical supply chain information. Peer Supply provides the infrastructure and the incentives for collaboration on important supply chain activities. It allows you to understand what’s happening outside the walls of your organization.

          Patient care is paramount

          Supply chains are part of a life-saving team. Our primary obligation is to the delivery of care for patients.

            Curators own their data

            For the platform to ensure that it will always serve its participants, members of Peer Supply can choose to leave the platform with their data at any time. No selling other people’s data without permission.

              A neutral platform creates network effects

              Peer Supply is a big tent for the industry. All who can contribute value are welcome to join the community. Members are co-creating, co-marketing, and co-supporting the platform.

                Peer Supply represents a scalable, standardized way of sharing data and communications across organizations to directly benefit supply chain operations, strategy and outcomes. We expect to lower supply chain costs for the industry by incentivizing the publication and consumption of data through a data exchange. The system allows users to query external data sets and collaborate with external entities on jobs to be done. Health systems will improve resilience, sourcing, clinical integration & value analysis. Suppliers will acquire data that improves planning, marketing & customer service while publishing data one common way to industry subscribers.

                  Phase 1

                  Backorders, Critical Items & Equivalencies

                    Future phases

                    We are planning over 50 types of channels and over 30 use cases.